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Caring for Your Drum

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Your drum is as unique as you are and has its own individual voice. All drums have a higher resonance when they are warm and a lower tone when they're cool. Your drum's hide is sensitive to temperature and humidity. If you live in a cool climate, your drum will need to be warmed to sound good. To warm it, you can hold it near a heat source, rub your hand over the hide in a circular motion, or take it out into the sun. However you choose to warm the drum, be very careful not to leave it exposed to the heat or sun for too long. Tap it every five minutes or so until the tone returns to what it was previously. 

 If your drum gets too hot, you can spray it with a water bottle or rub it with a cool damp cloth, but take great care not to get it too wet! When you do this, the drum's tone will deepen. This may be necessary to do on occasions if you live in a dry climate. In a humid climate, cover your drum with a cloth to keep moisture off of it.

It is ideal for your drum to be stored in a living space with a temperature between 70-80 degrees, and it is imperative that you NEVER leave your drum in a hot car or direct sunlight for more than ten minutes!

Your drum has been oiled and should be oiled once yearly going forward. Olive oil or avocado oil are the best options. Wipe the oil onto all parts of the hide, including the sides, with a soft cloth. Don’t put too much oil on, use just enough so that it has a slight sheen. Leave the oil for five to ten minutes, then wipe it off with a soft cloth.

With love and good care, your drum should look and sound good for many years.

Happy Drumming!

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